Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Some days i must say seeking motivation is quite hard. I have been interning at a PR firm for the past 6 months and i really feel exhausted. It has been a great experience, especially working for a bigger firm then i was used to. With many ups and downs i have to start writing a report on this period of time but all i actually want to do is sleep. Like a bear in winter, hibernate JUST a little bit and wake up when the sun is shining again. You know depression is one of the biggest causes of sun deprivation. If you're not careful, a lack of sunlight can actually lead to a form of clinical depression. So does this mean more reason to pack our suitcases and head off to a warm country to enjoy mimosa's on the beach under a palm tree? I have found out that Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD (Yes SAD), is a thing. This SAD includes mood swings, anxiety, sleep problems etc..UHG! and nonetheless if you are a woman it is 200% more likely you will develop SAD than the average male. If you are already experiencing a hard time sleeping you should maybe stop scrolling through your Instastorie before bedtime. Once the sun goes down, artificial lights emitted by your electronics can create serious sleep problems. To much of this light in your eyes can throw off your circadian rhythm (the natural clock). And final but not least exposure to sunlight can help prevent obesity, along with Vitamin D, the sun also supplies the tool for regulating important physiological processes, including metabolism!

So all i can say is, pack those suitcases darling, when do we leave?




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