Tuesday, September 25, 2018


OMG it is almost October, which means all of the festivities are starting again, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. It is truly the best time of year, i must confess that i have been dying to light my fireplace again and cozy up to a good movie, with my fluffy socks and a glass of red wine. I must even confess that pumpkins have been taking over my flat already to get into the autumn vibe. It is just such fun to start getting creative again and making your home cozy and decorate. As an American living abroad i go nuts for these things. When in the states around this time of year im in heaven, i can't believe that my country is so far behind on decorations and i can't wait to travel to the US on the 28th of Nov and come back with an extra suitcase filled with Christmas surprises, YEEY. I sometimes even dream it is Christmas eve and i forgot to buy my presents and all of the shops are closed..you can imagine the horror haha. Anyway, to get into the mood of orange and leaves falling here are some neat centerpieces to make your home festive!


Sunday, September 2, 2018



If you are still visiting my blog hoping to read a new post then thank you very much that you are still interested in what i have to say. It has been a while...since i last posted. I guess i lost the desire to post blogs every day and didn't feel like i had anything to share anymore. Life goes on and life is busy sometimes. But i am back and exciting things are happening. I am almost finished with school and working on a new project. It is kind of my baby, i can't tell you to much about it yet but it is going to be amazing! I am busy with my own Swimwear label, made in Bali with the best fabrics and quality. My baby is called WAIKIKI SWIMWEAR and we are up and running on instagram and have a landing page at the moment. I can not wait to share you the end results when they are done! But for now, September has crawled into our lives which means summer is officially over and fall is coming. Just to hold on to the sun for a little bit longer i share with you some island vibes <3.

Have a great Sunday lovelies.


Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Jacket: Faux Fur Forever 21
Leggings: Forever 21
Purse: Chanel
Large Bag: Victoria Secret PINK
Shoes: Adidas NMD2R
Hat: Yankees

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Coat: Vintage from Beaconscloset
Bag: Vintage from Beaconscloset
Leather look pants: H&M
Boots: Manwood
Gloves: H&M
Hat: H&M

Dog Model: Finlet


Monday, February 5, 2018


The prettiest pink spots in New York

I mean who doesn't want to visit all of the Pink Sports in NY? As a blogger i can tell you this is every girls dream, pink buildings, pink restaurants...How Fun! Seeing as how bloggers turn every location that we see in an "Instagram worthy spot" haha. So after searching my favorite inspo site pinterest i came along a fun article about the pink hotspots in NY. This blogger decided to explore the city and find the most Instagram-worthy pink restaurants and buildings. And seeing as how i do not live in NY :(, i felt it was my duty to share her findings with you! and i will be visiting them this week!

Pietro Nolita | Pink inside and out, this cafe serves healthy Italian dishes in Nolita. Every corner of the restaurant is a photo-op and the food is delicious. The benches outside have become a popular spot for bloggers to snap photos (myself included).
Cafe Henrie | Cafe Henrie is a quirky cafe on Forsyth Street that serves the prettiest acai bowls on even prettier pink tabletops. 
Sweets by Chloe | A vegan’s paradise. Sweets by Chloe is a vegan bakery with an extensive cake menu! Their neon sign is an Instagram-must. 
Cha Cha Matcha | Matcha lovers rejoice. Cha Cha Matcha serves hot and iced green tea, coffee, baked goods, and soft serve! And their pretty pink packaging is hard to resist.
Sprinkles ATM | What’s better than an ATM that dispenses cupcakes? A pink ATM that dispenses cupcakes.
While We Were Young | A new restaurant in Manhattan with pink velvet booths and the prettiest marble tables.


I guess you can already guess what is happening! I am going to New York again and i am leaving in two days. Last minute i decided i still needed a suitcase (oeps) so i ordered it online and its being delivered tomorrow, how do you mean cutting it close? We are going to NY for fashionweek, so packing will be a huge challenge. And i am always looking for new hotspots in New York, so please if you know any good ones let me know! for now just some inspo, to get in the mood. 


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