Tuesday, May 23, 2017


So just to spread the love, i am absolutely in love with the Gymshark sportswear collection, it is to die for! As i am a die hard weight training girly girl i love to look and feel good in the gym. Their collection has made this possible, the leggings are so comfortable i want to live in them. On non training days i wear them around the house because they are amazing. So the leggings i am talking about are the flex leggings and the high waisted seamless collection. They are always sold out very quickly so you need to be super fast when you want to order yourself a pair. I follow Gymshark athletes on Instagram such as Gracefituk, Whitneyysimmons, Busybee.carys, Belafernandez to keep up to date one when they release and also just for some extra motivation.

Get inspired on www.gymshark.com and note they will be releasing a bunch of new leggings, sports bra's and tops this Thursday at 3 BST!

Check them out!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Transformation Tuesday


So as i was typing my caption and looked at the day, i thought to myself how appropriate it actually is a tuesday! So i know i have been posting many progress pictures on Instagram saying i would make a blog post about my transformation. Actually writing the damn thing is way harder then i thought. First of all your like, do i even want people to see my body? i see many beautiful girls posting half naked pictures of themselves on Instagram or Facebook and all respect to ya, it remains scary to most of us. Second of all there is shame involved, do i want people to see what i looked like at some point? many of my friends where speechless because they never really realized how bad it had gotten. Basically i have been a fit girl ever since i lost 30 kilo's 5 years ago. That was such an accomplishment! i am the type of person that doesn't deal well with big changes, so going back to school, or starting a new job is a big change for me. It sort of messes up my whole rhythm and flow mostly ending in me neglecting my fitness regime and healthy lifestyle. I have experienced many ups and downs when it comes to weight gaining and weight loss. Everybody has a system that works for them and i have finally found mine! 

I have been working on me for the past year, my body, my state of mind and my health because i came out of a bad break-up. During my relationship i gained a lot of weight (say about 12 kilo's) i had already gained some weight before, because 5 years ago i went from 85 kilo's to 55 kilo's in one year. This time around i have found a healthy lifestyle instead of dieting, because in that time i was never aloud to cheat or eat a lot of carbs, it was safe to say i got skinny...not "fit". During my relationship i gained the extra 15 kilo's and was almost hitting the number on the scale as before. I guess you can say i am an emotional eater, so during my relationship i was eating 80% of the time because i was unhappy. I never stopped working out, i would always workout 3/4 times a week, sometimes 2 but i would never loose any weight which was mentally frustrating. Always seeing other peoples succes stories on Instagram, being all like if i can do it you can etc. and i couldn't wait for the day that i could post my own progress and look back at my fit journey and the path i am on. Even though i never stopped working out i ate very poorly, each time i thought oh i gymmed today so i can eat whatever i want. Obviously it doesn't work if your diet is poor. I saw my condition, endurance, muscle definition disappear and i did not like what i saw. At the end of 2015 i started doing Kayla Itsines at a certain point which helped me with my bad physical condition and jolted up my motivation to become loose weight. 

So at the beginning of last year i finally ended my relationship. Choosing me and deciding i have a lot of work to do to love myself again. The best relationship you will ever work on is the relationship you have with yourself. So my fit journey started last year Januari, i set course to happiness within myself. A big part of would mean loving my body, feeling healthy, fit and comfortable in my own skin. Seeing my body change so many times it can be frustrating at times but i knew i could do it, because i had once before. But it should be a different kind of path this time, a path that would be life changing, a lifestyle, a way of living, not just a momento. I had lost about 6 kilo's in June 2016, but once summer '16 came around and living on Ibiza the vino started pooring, like a bottle a day, i gained so much weight again (it can go so fast when drinking alcohol!) I remember photoshopping a picture i made into what i wished i looked like and i was so sick and tired of my excuses and mindset i completely changed my life at that point. I think you need to hit a sort of rock bottom for certain life choices before you are ready to give 200% for what you really want. You can go to the gym, or eat healthy but it's persistence, motivation and dedication that keeps you going. After summer i limited my alcohol use to once a week, went to the gym 4 days a week and started eating healthy, controlling my calories, proteins, carbs and fats. It was a slow process with ups and downs, don't forget it really is a journey! it does NOT happen overnight. During this period of time i was working fulltime from 9-6, managing my 4 dogs and working out 4 days a week. After my internship this year in Januari, i upped the anty. I had already lost a lot of weight, found my dedication, goals and motivation, found my dietary regime and a healthy balance for everything in my life. So now i workout 8 times a week, i go to the gym 6 times a week doing weight training and i kickbox 2 times a week. I have a controlled dietary schedule, but i get to cook amazing things which i really love! im eating loads and i get to cheat one/two meals a week, and i still drink my wine once a week! now i really get to enjoy those days because i know i have earned it and it's not just a daily routine i don't appreciate. A lot of people ask me, what's your goal? my answer?... It's not a goal it's my life, my therapy and my destination.

I have come to realize now i look back at my journey, you will never loose weight if you are mentally not ready. You will mentally keep yourself from loosing all of the "emotional shit" you are dealing with at the time. It's like your mind is blocking your body, when confronting and dealing your emotional state of mind you will open yourself up to achieving things you never thought you could achieve.

SO now the moment has finally come for me to say here i am today, i have lost 17 kilo's since Aug 2016, i feel amazing and great i have started a relationship with myself by nurturing it and taking care of it and i have never felt better in my life. I know there are a lot of you out there that struggle every day and scrol online seeing people's transformation and succes stories wishing it was you, i was that person...but trust in yourself and your body because if you open up to possibilities you can achieve anything! To bring this story to an end, I AM DAMN PROUD OF MYSELF and nobody can ever take that away or change that.

- Hope you enjoyed my story feel free to ask me anything or post your own inspiration!

Love Jana

Progress pictures


During Kayla Itsines 2015




Wednesday, April 19, 2017


So i live in the Netherlands and we are experiencing the worst spring ever. When i check my IPhone daily to see what the weather forecast is for the rest of the week i must say disappointment is the only emotion i feel. It is really depressing dealing with such drastic weather changes and frankly i have to say that i think they add to my mood swings. Although the next two weeks are looking very gloomy i keep hope that one day i will wake up and the sun will be peeking through my window. Until then i will be fantasizing about my holiday to Ibiza in June. For my dear followers who do live in warm countries or are enjoying some warm weather i have 9 summer detox water recipes to share with you.

Water is the best way to restart your system, you should start each day with at least one full glass of water to get your organs working. It flushes all the bad stuff out and hydrates your body, it will also help you loose weight. Keep yourself hydrated and healthy in a fun way by pumping up the flavor of water.

1. Slim Down Detox Water: Lemon, lime, grapefruit and cucumber all have different benefits, but when you put them all together, they work to boost your metabolism and kickstart your slim down! Plus, they'll cool you down on any hot summer day. Check here for the recipe

2. Watermelon Fat Flush: Flush those fat cells away with this delicious and easy-to-make detox water. Watermelon is the perfect summer treat, so stock up on this water and get sipping. Click here for the recipe

3. Detox Green Tea: It’s a totally fresh, fruity way to get your system feeling back to normal and back in business after an over-indulgent summer night. Click here for recipe.

4. Strawberry Kiwi Slim Down Water: For the perfect light and refreshing detox water this summer, try this recipe. The strawberries give just the right amount of sweetness while the lemon and kiwi kickstart your metabolism. Click here for recipe.

5. Detox Water For Craving Control + Beautiful Skin: Apples and strawberries are great for your skin, and the mint and lemon will help your digestion process. The cinnamon in this one will also help to control your cravings. Click here for recipe.

6. Apple Cinnamon Water: Apple and cinnamon make a tasty combo no matter the time of year. Before the brisk fall, enjoy these flavors in a refreshing way that also boosts metabolism. Click here for recipe.

7. Watermelon Mint Detox Water: This drink is one of the most popular water detoxes out there! Watermelon is great for detoxification because it contains an amino acid that helps improve liver function by ridding the body of ammonia (which is known to damage cells). The mint improves digestion and even alleviates stomach cramps. Click here for recipe.

8. Citrus Summer Detox Water: Fresh flavors come together to give you a boost of vitamins and antioxidants, not to mention a refreshing summer drink to sip on with the windows open. Click here for recipe.

9. Blackberry Sage Flavored Water: This drink is very refreshing! It's a healthy substitute for sugary lemonade on a hot day and is made with blackberries and sage. Click here for recipe.


Thursday, March 30, 2017


So basically Ibiza is my second home and has been for the past 12 years. I love the island and the whole vibe is just amazing. If you have been there before you know what i mean and if you haven't then please go visit! No Ibiza is not just the famous party island that you have heard about, it doesn't only involve crazy drunk (english) people (they tend to locate themselves in San Antonio so if you want to avoid this scene then stay away from there). All the partying aside, Ibiza has the most beautiful secret places, beaches, views and energy that you will ever experience. It is my home and close to my heart. 

What people don’t understand is that Ibiza is not only an island for partying and ‘escaping’ the real life, it is also a special place of healing and reconnecting with yourself. That I why I love Ibiza so much, I have never experienced a place where two worlds collide so close together. This way one can rest and recharge and occasionally celebrate life on the other side of the island. They say Ibiza is a mystical island and many stories circulate this amazing place. History: Ibiza is also known for its mythical stories such as Es Vedra, atlantis. This is a magical rock at the very end of Ibiza, they say time stops when being on the rock, something to do with a magnetic field under the sea. Others say it’s a passage for UFO’s and that many people have seen strange activity and lights around the rock. The most famous myth would be of the Greek god Odysseus, he was lured to this rock by sirens. They might just be stories, but they trigger some curiosity within our soul of hope that there is something more to life then just reality. My inner child craves some magic now and then and it’s nice to believe in something other then science and facts once in a while.  It might have caught your attention already that all of the towns and villages on Ibiza are named after saints. So for those wanting to visit Ibiza or have already visited Ibiza here are some tips for beautiful places you must have seen.

People always ask me for "local" tips, so i have made a list for you guys you must see. Hope you enjoy and book your ticket to Ibiza. (I love flying Vueling btw, the most friendly airline and really Spanish)

Bambuddha Bar
La Luna
Le Monde
Nassau beach club
Babylon beach – breakfast lunch dinner
Samsara (very local and good prices)
St Getrudis – gelato and tapas
Passion café - breakfast lunch dinner
Musset - breakfast lunch
Cotton beach club – lunch and dinner
Lio - Dinner show
Blue Marlin
Bar 1805
Paloma restaurant and Paloma Cafe (different owners)

There are many beaches on Ibiza and it seems to be that each year many have new names, perhaps they want to attract more people of keep the same interest by making a new ‘concept’ out of it. It seems also to be that each year ‘tourists’ discover more hidden beaches and turn them into a ‘coco’ beach or a ‘malibu’ beach etc. because this will attract people. I must say that the most beautiful beaches are mainly situated on the north side of the island. Mainly because these parts have not been taken over by young party people, but merely people that are really interested in cruising the island for its beauty.

Cala nova
Cala salada
Cala St. Vincente
Utopia beach

Las Salines - Jockey Club
Es Cavallet
Cala Jondal - Blue Marlin
Sa Caleta

Playa den Bossa - Beach house Ibiza, Coco Beach Ibiza
Talamanca Beach - Harbour Club

Cala Bassa
Cala Tarida - Cotton Beach Club!!

Nikki Beach

Ibiza especially is a place to recharge yourself and join a yoga or welness retreat. Therefore there are many different retreat centers on the island. A good guide for the island can be found on White Ibiza. 

I personally love Ushuaia, this is the best place for me because it is outdoors and it lasts from 5pm-12pm so it is the perfect pre-party vibe. You can decide after to party on or call it a night. Tickets are between 45-75 euro's it depends on the party and DJ. Drinks inside are between 10 - 25, so 10 for water, 15 for wine, 20/25 for a mix drink or cocktail. My second fave club is Space, because it has many different rooms and terraces. I love that you can be outside and breath in the night air. Pacha is also a great club with a good vibe, it is one of the oldest clubs on the island. Check out Flower Power if you want the real experience. I always use ibiza spotlight to look up all of the parties (here).

Go to Formentera for a day and rent quads or scooters and cruise around the island. It is famous for its Turquoise blue waters and white beaches.

San Antonio
So this is the place that is known for all of the partying and drunk (english) people (haha). But it also has a few amazing places really worth checking out. Go and check out the sunset on the boulevard at Cafe Del Mar or Mynth Restaurant and have a pre-party drink at Cafe Mambo with famous dj's before you go clubbing.

Hippy Market
So there are two different markets on Ibiza, one on Wednesday in Es Canar and one on Saturday in San Carlos. Worth checking out and strolling down real hippy stands, it is adorable.

Also visit the old town in Eivissa and walk up all the way to the top. You will have the most amazing view over the whole island, at night you will see a million lights. 
So there are like a million more places that i could tell you about, but why not discover those on your own. If you would like to share your Ibiza experiences with us or tips please comment!


Friday, March 24, 2017

Summer baby

So i think we all yearn for some summertime, because most of the globe is experiencing a shit storm right now. Like i am on Ibiza for crying out loud and the rain and cold weather just seem to follow me? What a depressing thought. I guess we are never really safe anywhere. So what to do when the weather sucks? go shopping for summer outfits (thats what i do at least) i don't know about you but if i think about my summer it is going to be amazing! I will be attending several cool music festivals this summer and i am very much looking forward to rock my summer body! I will also be going to Ibiza with my two best girlfriends WAUWWWWWIEEEA!!!...I found the coolest apartment in Playa den Bossa for the wild nights we are planning, but it is trez chique to lounge and cook in the daytime. What are your summer plans? meanwhile dream away with my inspo collection i picked out for you..

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