Friday, March 24, 2017

Summer baby

So i think we all yearn for some summertime, because most of the globe is experiencing a shit storm right now. Like i am on Ibiza for crying out loud and the rain and cold weather just seem to follow me? What a depressing thought. I guess we are never really safe anywhere. So what to do when the weather sucks? go shopping for summer outfits (thats what i do at least) i don't know about you but if i think about my summer it is going to be amazing! I will be attending several cool music festivals this summer and i am very much looking forward to rock my summer body! I will also be going to Ibiza with my two best girlfriends WAUWWWWWIEEEA!!!...I found the coolest apartment in Playa den Bossa for the wild nights we are planning, but it is trez chique to lounge and cook in the daytime. What are your summer plans? meanwhile dream away with my inspo collection i picked out for you..


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bondi Sands

So spring time is slowly coming, the sun is shining and birds are waking me up at 6 am in the morning. I see myself awaking from my deep winter depression and handeling life again. I have ordered a new self tanner which i am dying to try from Bondi Sands. I have heard a lot of good things about them and seeing the best results. I will be sharing my before and after soon after i test the product. I ordered the Dark self tanning foam and it has a lovely texture and coconut scent. So far so good. I have a very sensitive skin so i always patch test my products before applying them to my whole body to prevent a heavy allergic reaction. In light of this great new product (Review will be coming soon) i have some tanning inspo for you guys. 


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Life Slump?

Since i have been experiencing a somewhat called "life slump" i have been trying to search some tips how to basically get my shit back together. I found several tips that i thought i might share with you and see what you think? or maybe you are feeling the same. Might i just add living in a country where 360 days a years it is either raining or just plain grey and cold all the damn time, this might play a certain role in my moodswings?

So after researching several different sites i found a funny piece on, she basically starts off with:

"Sometimes you just feel beige (YES). Do you know what I mean?(YES) You've hit a rut and are looking for ways to get out of a slump, but you're so deep in it the whole worlds gone beige(Maybe not the whole world?). The restaurants you love all start tasting the same(nahh i love food, haah), you're the only one not laughing while out with friends(nahh i love laughing), your goals seem meh(YES), and your job feels like something out of the opening scenes of Fight Club, where you just can't take it anymore(Not really?). That's when it hits you: You need to shake things up(YES!). You have to get moving, get learning and thinking, in order to change this trajectory your life is currently on. 

But while you can barely summon the will to cook off the covers in the morning, reinventing your whole life can feel like a tall order(OMG where to start). But shaking yourself out of a life slump doesn't need to be this huge undertaking. Rather, it's just a matter of taking a series of baby steps that will eventually lead you to your "aha" moment(PLEASE YES PLEASE?). You don't have to take intimidating leaps and bounds — small, every day moves are allowed, too(THANKGOD, already tired thinking about it haha). So if you're one of the many that feel like they've hit a life slump, here are seven tips for you."

Let the tips begin

1. Take All The "Fluff" Out Of Your Calendar

According to Melissa Piercelife coach and Forbes contributor, "The first thing I do when I’m in a slump is remove the unnecessary from my calendar. I postpone coffee dates and errands until I can get some perspective on what I’m waiting for exactly. Contrary to what you might be thinking, this is not idleness or avoidance—it’s reassessment..." You officially have permission to turn yourself into a shut-in. No start pinpointing the beginning of this rut.

Hmm...probably a good one seeing as how that many social dates helps you keep your attention elsewhere...but it also keeps me sort of happy, struggle?

2. Take It One Goal At A Time

Lifestyle writer Brian Lee at Lifehack explained, "You cannot maintain energy and focus (the two most important things in accomplishing a goal) if you are trying to do two or more goals at once. It’s not possible — I’ve tried it many times. You have to choose one goal, for now, and focus on it completely." Plus side: By allowing yourself to focus on just one major goal at a time, you'll let yourself enjoy the process of meeting it, too.

I am loving this one! is true, being focused on to many goals and plans at the same time will make you loose any kind of oversight.

3. Change Just One Part Of Your Routine Per Day

Entrepreneur writer Richard Feloni at Business Insider elaborates, "Just make it one easy thing each day. Wake up an hour early to read a novel. Get lunch with a coworker you don't know well. Go for a jog after work." After all, little things can lead to big changes.

This seems like a good tip as well seeing as how small changes are acceptable for the brain and can perhaps even challenge you to try new things or do things that you keep putting aside

4. Consume All The Inspiration And Motivation You Can Get Your Hands On

Your main goal here is to learn and see all the amazing, beautiful things people achieved and created in the subjects you're interested in and are apart of.
Business writer Chris Winfield at entrepreneur site Inc, recommended, "Read, watch, and listen to things that are going to uplift you, not depress you." Consume things that will trigger your creativity, ambitions, and competitiveness.

Yes, the more i feel inspired the more i feel like doing things.

5. Surround Yourself With Your Goal

Remember in Tip #2 when we talked about taking it one goal at a time? Well to motivate yourself, make that goal become all-consuming. Lee shared, "When I lose motivation, I just read a book or blog about my goal. It inspires me and reinvigorates me." Get your hands on pieces that will make you want to dive right into your ambitions — read articles about your industry, follow people who've achieved your dreams and talk about their journeys, borrow books crammed with tips on how to make that particular goal a reality. Surround yourself with your goal, and take serious strides in achieving it.

That is why i bought the life planner a while back, i don't know if you remember but i wrote about it and it is amazing! Do you like notebooks or agenda's that will inspire you on your journey than have a look on kikki-k.

6. Do Something Radically Different

Winfield suggested, "What are you going to do right now? Start really small. The whole point is to just do something. Something that will make you feel better. Start right now." No more waiting!

I know humans have the tendency to move each important responsibility to another day, i think we all know the "oh ill do that tomorrow" line, if it is working out, doing homework, studying or any other duties. For example i need to brush my dogs teeth, they hate it, i hate it so i keep saying tomorrow. Until yesterday, i did it and it felt great!

7. Be Grateful For The Slump

While it might feel annoying while you're in it, you should actually feel grateful for the slump. It alerted you that something is missing in your life and that you've been coasting for too long.

Winfield pointed out, "What can be learned from this slump? What is it telling you? How is it helping you to change?...Be thankful for the lessons it is teaching you." So rather than cursing it, be glad it shook you out of a too-comfortable routine.

Who knows on what kind of cool journey it will lead you down?

I love how after reading this i feel more inspired and powerful to continue my journey and see where it will lead me to, do you want to read the full article then have a look at this blog here.



So it took a while, but i finally finished my Sweden vlog. I had already uploaded it two weeks ago but youtube erased my sound because i used Shape of love from Ed Sheeran. So to bad..unfortunately i had to replace this song with others. Hope you enjoy watching!


Tuesday, March 7, 2017



1 year = 365 opportunities

SOOOO ahum... i know i have been a little a wall to say the least. It has been such a huge change for me to adjust to student life again. I went from interning five days a week from 9-6 to going to school with hours like 12-2 on and off on different days a week. I know you must think this leaves me with a lot of time but to be honest i am very bad with big changes. I sort of tend to put off work and not deal with real life. At first i thought it was me, but i have come to realize that this in fact is something called being human. I have been (fitness) training a lot, working on my Instagram account, handeling my dog family, handeling my own family, being social and dealing with life? I work out six days a week now and take my puppy to dog course three times a week. I don't how but the time just really seems to fly by (scary shit). So as i said i work out six days a week, because i am trying to give in that little extra before summer. Seeing as how summer is literally around the corner, it's time to really up the ante. I will be posting a before and after soon to show you guys how hard i have actually been working. So whats new? I actually visited a very cool launch between Denham and Stieglitz in Amsterdam last week and it turend out to be an amazing night. I met many interesting people and made a couple of new friends. The collection was also quite nice and it definitely caught my eye, to say the least, the launch was very successful, the vibe was great, the drinks where flowing and the dj was hitting the right tunes. Very hipster...just allround perfect for a boring Thursday evening. It was quite the spontaneous night and i somehow ended up in nightclub Jimmy Woo (please don't ask how i got home...haha oeps) So life took over a little bit and my soul searching was paused. 

This week i am slowly getting my act back together, slowly getting school back on track, my work, blog, travel plans, soul searching etc. I have some cool topics coming up that i will be sharing with you and some great beauty products to test! I might even fly to Ibiza in two weeks so i will definitely be taking you with me. But for now, to get back into the soul searching groove and work mode, some inspirational tips and motivation.

Step one -> Make a vision board!

A vision board is a collage of images, pictures, and texts of your dreams, goals, and things that make you happy. The idea behind this is that when you surround yourself with images of who you want to become, what you want to have, where you want to live, or where you want to travel, it serves as a source of motivation as you work towards achieving your dreams. (Credits and step to step how to make your own vision board)


Saturday, February 11, 2017

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