Monday, February 5, 2018


The prettiest pink spots in New York

I mean who doesn't want to visit all of the Pink Sports in NY? As a blogger i can tell you this is every girls dream, pink buildings, pink restaurants...How Fun! Seeing as how bloggers turn every location that we see in an "Instagram worthy spot" haha. So after searching my favorite inspo site pinterest i came along a fun article about the pink hotspots in NY. This blogger decided to explore the city and find the most Instagram-worthy pink restaurants and buildings. And seeing as how i do not live in NY :(, i felt it was my duty to share her findings with you! and i will be visiting them this week!

Pietro Nolita | Pink inside and out, this cafe serves healthy Italian dishes in Nolita. Every corner of the restaurant is a photo-op and the food is delicious. The benches outside have become a popular spot for bloggers to snap photos (myself included).
Cafe Henrie | Cafe Henrie is a quirky cafe on Forsyth Street that serves the prettiest acai bowls on even prettier pink tabletops. 
Sweets by Chloe | A vegan’s paradise. Sweets by Chloe is a vegan bakery with an extensive cake menu! Their neon sign is an Instagram-must. 
Cha Cha Matcha | Matcha lovers rejoice. Cha Cha Matcha serves hot and iced green tea, coffee, baked goods, and soft serve! And their pretty pink packaging is hard to resist.
Sprinkles ATM | What’s better than an ATM that dispenses cupcakes? A pink ATM that dispenses cupcakes.
While We Were Young | A new restaurant in Manhattan with pink velvet booths and the prettiest marble tables.


I guess you can already guess what is happening! I am going to New York again and i am leaving in two days. Last minute i decided i still needed a suitcase (oeps) so i ordered it online and its being delivered tomorrow, how do you mean cutting it close? We are going to NY for fashionweek, so packing will be a huge challenge. And i am always looking for new hotspots in New York, so please if you know any good ones let me know! for now just some inspo, to get in the mood. 



Friday, December 15, 2017


Yes!!! The Soda Stream Vlog is now up on my Youtube channel

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Hi Lovelies

That time of year is around the corner and oh what a Christmas Cheer. I can't say how much fun i have had trimming my tree and getting all of my Christmas shoppings done. I wanted to share a product in particular, the Soda Stream machine. This is my little treasure this year, i just finished testing it and it is amazing! I actually did not expect that many bubbles. The quality of the sparkling water is very good and it's fun and easy to make. Once i was all set up it took me 2 seconds to make sparkling water. This way i get to reduce plastic waste and not use as many plastic bottles. I love this brand because they are earth friendly and fighting for a sustainable world. I have been challenged to reduce my plastic waste for a week, i have actually brought that challenge to the next level, using no plastic for seven days. Ha how i can say this is not an easy task, look around next time you are doing your shoppings, or check your shoppings next time you get home. I can guarantee you that 80% of all your shoppings consist of plastic wrapping. So little things like this, consuming tap water, making your own sparkling water, separating your waste, using cotton shopping bags or recycling them. These are all little things that will help our planet. I know it is a bigger issue, but i try to be sustainable in my own way and give back by being more conscious about certain things. This is why i would like to ask the same of you! Want to join my challenge? or think of your own? very cool let me know, as i am super excited to here what your plans are to be more sustainable, or maybe you are already?

The Soda Stream is the best end of the year gift for Mother Nature. Give back a little and be more conscious in your life. Looking for the perfect gift? this is such a great way to start the new year, plus it is user friendly and super fun to do. Head over to my Youtube channel and watch my new youtube review on Soda Stream here, and keep posted on my challenge, which i will be sharing next week.

Much love Jana


Saturday, December 9, 2017


So as you all know and have read in my weeks of planning and posting about Thanksgiving it has been the best night, after cooking all day and making amazing dishes it is just the best feeling to see your guests enjoying the meal you have prepared all day. I cooked a turkey, made a scalloped sage  potato casserole, a sweet potato marshmallow/pecan casserole, carrots with parmegiano and stringbeans in a mushroom soup. It was delicious and we all enjoyed an amazing meal and said our grace, we listened to jazz music and enjoyed our wine. So to show you all what an amazing night we had i will post some pictures. How was your Thanksgiving? did you enjoy home cooked food or did you go out? let me know.


Monday, December 4, 2017


Pants Weekday
Boots H&M
Bag Gucci

Saturday, November 25, 2017


To All my dog momma's who love bringing their kids with them, how amazing is this bag? the inside is complete faux fur so very comfy for my baby girl. Introducing to you one of the loves of my life Soe My pomaranian. She is 5 years old now, how time flies...she is a little vixen and diva know exactly what she can pull with mommy. I love her so much and i am enjoying every day with her. Are there any dog moms or dads under my reader? if so what breed and how much do you love your pup? aren't they the best! So this bag is just the best, it has an adjustable strap, faux fur inside so super comfy for your pet, the bag is suede with suede fringes want to have a look where i got it? check here. This store is candyland for your pets, it is the most amazing store i have ever visited.. if you are in The Netherlands then please visit them and let me know what you got! If you have any other questions just reply to my blogpost and i will get back to you.

Much love

Jacket Zara
Sweater Vogue
Leather leggings H&M
Boots H&M
Dog Bag - Renee Van der Westen
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