Friday, August 18, 2017


Sometimes life can be your best friend and sometimes it can be your worst enemy. The key to surviving each day and to make the most of it, is the power of positive energy. Even though i am quite a positive person overall, life kicks me in the back sometimes and even my glass tends to overflow at times. Today was that day, when all hell broke loose and nothing good was good anymore. Once i got back to my senses i had time to reminisce over my thoughts and emotions. Apparently the key to happy life is, is to try and make every negative situation or bump in the road a positive one. Try to see the positive side of the situation, even in the hardest times. In almost every day to day annoying situation you can tell yourself, hey i am healthy, happy and alive. That is almost the best positive way of thinking if you have had a rough day. During my trip to Ibiza my new phone got stolen, i had just signed a new contract for two years, which was twice as expensive as what i have now, but hey anything for this amazing rose gold new phone right?. One night my brand new phone got taken from my friends bag, everything was still in the purse (her phone, our money etc) only my phone was taken. Of course i balled my eyes out the first night screaming WHYYYY and ALWAYS MEE, (i tend to get more then average of bad luck) but the next day i started to think what did i learn from this situation? first of all i felt robbed and violated, but after that started to settle down i could see the upside. I was fine, my friends where fine, we had no accident, we were healthy, not injured and got home safe. I am not a materialistic person and sometimes i need to remind myself of that. Then what did i learn? I would never let another person handle my things, because then the responsibility would be all mine. At the end of the day we are all human, life does suck sometimes and it will throw tons of rotten eggs and toiletpaper your way, but if you get back on that horse and beat the negative with some positive, the only person who will be laughing at the end of the day is you! Because that is character my dear and nobody can take that away from you but yourself.


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Top 10 Fitfoods

Trouble knowing what to order to support your healthy lifestyle? Are you a snacker? or just crave some snacks once in a while? Then you should check out my favorites from Body and Fitshop. I love this story because they offer a wide range of protein snacks, diet food, low/high carb food, supplements etc. If you order before ten o'clock at night you will get your package the next day (how great!). So i won't only include snacks in this list but just a top 10 products i use and are always on my orderlist. I love these products and use them on a daily basis!

1. BCAAs, in flavors Kiwi Strawberry and Mango Madness (They are absolutely amazing!)

2. Flapjack Waffle and pancake mix 

3. Smart Bars crunchy in Banana Toffee, Chocolate Peanut Caramel, Chocolate Caramel

4. Snickers Protein bars

5. Zero pancake syrup (but great in porridge, yoghurt etc.)

6. Whey Perfection, in flavors creamy coconut, stracciatella, pistachio, white chocolate, 

7. Casein, at night so your muscles are protected

8. Pam Spray, 0 calorie cooking spray without any flavor! Love it...

9. Protein Bites, yummmie snack and high protein low calorie

10. Flatbreak 90 calorie per wrap and they taste so good!

Supplements i use: Magnesium, Omega-3, Probiotics, Multi Vit Women

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Getting back on track

Hi Lovelies

So i think the hardest thing to do is getting back on track after a holiday. Being on holiday means giving your body a break and letting go a little bit. I know i have a hard time letting go, because even on holiday i have my routine, my gym and the right eating habits, because im in a great flow i don't want to ruin it. But sometimes you need to let your mind and body at peace from all of the restrictions you make for yourself during your healthy lifestyle. For example i don't let myself drink or splurge on unhealthy foods more then two days in a row or two days a week. Not only because i know it is bad for my body but also because i start feeling it on the inside. My mood because more agitated then fun and my body feels more fluffy then fit. But i have learned and accepted that you can't always be on a high, sometimes you need to let go and let your body gain some weight, or relax and have fun with that extra bottle of wine and accept the consequences, i know i do. You read al sorts of inspirational posts on Instagram of fit girls saying it's okey to let go and not always count your macro's and splurge on pizza and ice cream and don't care what shape you are in, while reading these captions i think to myself, of course it's alright if your body still looks insanely amazing after 'letting go' as they say. Because they still have abs? my abs disappeared after three weeks of splurging, i can tell you the struggle is real, if i am keeping it completely real with you.

I have learned that Instagram is a place of dreams and illusions of peoples lives being perfect and their perfect physique. I can tell you that in the real life, when you splurge on ice cream and pizza, sushi, alcohol, dinner nights out, movies filled with popcorn and snacks your body does not look the same as before! Fat has emmargheddd over night and your abs look more like flabs. I hate it when my fitness role models do a 'physique update' after a two week holiday surrounded by high calorie densed food and look absolutely amazing, perhaps a little bloated but abs still on point and im just asking myself....HOW??? anyway off topic because the whole issue actually is, how to get back on track after being surrounded by your so called 'best friend' sugar. I can tell you it involves a couple of nights filled with tears, a boyfriend taking all of the 'bad' foods out of the house so you won't eat it all when in cravings..and a lot of self love and motivation, sugar being addictive AF. I see sugar as my best frenemy because my heart loves it, my body does not. First step is just try to start your fitness regime like before, don't be to hard on yourself with food yet because remember you don't want to go cold turkey on sugars ass and end up understanding why the fridge has a light in the middle of the night...when you start working out, your body automatically starts craving healthy foods again because that is what it needs. Try replacing the bad treats with good treats, like high protein snacks and veggie snacks. Slowly feeling better on the inside will make you look better on the outside and will give you the strength and motivation you need to get back on track.

I know we all strive for a healthy lifestyle, because we don't want to feed our bodies crap all the time. But at the end of the day bad food can be heavenly and don't forget your just human, these foods are made of and filled with addictive supplements to trick your body into thinking that's all you need and want. And sometimes that is A OKEY! as long as you keep the 80/20 rule you will be fine :). Don't forget to enjoy life and if that means going for burgers and pizza twice a week, then nobody will judge you! They key is balance and that will make the reward so much better, because you actually work for it.

Okey lovelies so that is just my Wednesday preaching of the struggles i have experienced the past weeks, i will drop a little picture bomb down below to show you that your body does not forget and mostly your just bloated AF when you get off track for a while, but then you realize it's not all that bad.

So the picture on the left is me after eating very poorly and not working out regularly for the past three weeks and the picture on the right is three days later after getting back on track with my macro's! I see the past three to four weeks as my bulking period (although i haven't properly been bulking) but i was in a definite calorie surplus, when bulking you get enough calories for your body mass to grow. You will grow in muscle but also in fat! that is why after bulking you usually follow a cut, so the fat will melt away and your muscles have gained mass. (working on it! but see some definite differences in muscle mass)

So the picture on the left is the same as the pictures above, meaning this was yesterday. The picture on the right was in June at the beginning of my holiday. I can see clear muscle growth and definition which makes me a happy camper!
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