Thursday, September 28, 2017


So guys it's that time of year again, i would be lying if i said i wasn't excited! The summer was nice and obviously a good dose of vitamin D can do miracles for your complexion and energy level but ill just go ahead and say it...LET THE FESTIVITIES BEGIN. So October is just the start, Halloween, Thanksgiving, some dutch traditional holidays in between, CHRISTMAS AND THEN NEW YEARS. If you have been following me for a while then you know that this is the best time of year. I am the big planner amongst my friends and since October is around the corner i am looking for some Halloween inspo. I am throwing a Halloween shindig for my friends and i can't wait for it. Bigger question is, what shall i go as? I saw that more and more dutch shops are getting Halloween themed items, which is fun for me because it is an American holiday. It brings me a little bit closer to home! I love finding outfits, but i saw that more and more people are getting all creative with their make-up on Faebook which looks amazing. So if you are having a Halloween party or going to one and you are looking for some inspiration then hold on to your seats and bare with me!....Let me know what you are going as? Lets inspire each other.


Monday, September 18, 2017


If you have been following me on Instagram you already saw a sneak peek of this post.
So as you already read the title 'Sterkwater', this literarily translates into 'strong water'. So in Dutch this 'sterk' would be associated with a strong drink aka a strong ass alcoholic drink (yass). So for me, being a fitgirl and all this is a real breakthrough for the Dutch market. I know they offer like different sorts of 'skinny' beverages in the UK and USA, but us Dutchies didn't have any kind of replacement for a wild night out. 

This drink is a combination of soda water and alcohol, they have made it easy for us by taking out all of the extra calories you would consume during a mix drink with high sugar soda's. This drink only contains 25ckal and tastes amazing with some lime or lemon squeezed into it! Why not go crazy all together and add some other extra's such as mintleaves, ginger, berries etc. You can create your own little mixtures to make it taste even better. 

Curious in trying your own Sterkwater?, they are currently being sold at STERK a liquor store situated in Amsterdam on the De Clercqstraat 7. They are working hard to get this amazing drink into your fave hotspots and bars, so that even when you are having a night out in the town you can order your new favorite drink!
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