Hi Everyone!

My name is Jana I am an 26 year old communications student from Amsterdam and I love to be creative. i am half Swiss and half American. I work in PR and i am currently working for The Gardeners. Next to my busy life i am a mommy to 3 amazing Pomeranians, a rescue doggy and a pekingees. Hoping to inspire others, but mainly just a place to share the things that inspire me.

Life is such a rollercoster so I decided to call my blog life of J, because there is so much that inspires me every day.

I love fitness, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, puppies, beautiful pictures, bubblys, traveling, design and lots more. I am a real girly girl but I can be a real bad ass as well. Having a place to write about everything thats on my mind will be such a treat to read back later!

Hope you enjoy


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