Tuesday, September 25, 2018


OMG it is almost October, which means all of the festivities are starting again, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. It is truly the best time of year, i must confess that i have been dying to light my fireplace again and cozy up to a good movie, with my fluffy socks and a glass of red wine. I must even confess that pumpkins have been taking over my flat already to get into the autumn vibe. It is just such fun to start getting creative again and making your home cozy and decorate. As an American living abroad i go nuts for these things. When in the states around this time of year im in heaven, i can't believe that my country is so far behind on decorations and i can't wait to travel to the US on the 28th of Nov and come back with an extra suitcase filled with Christmas surprises, YEEY. I sometimes even dream it is Christmas eve and i forgot to buy my presents and all of the shops are closed..you can imagine the horror haha. Anyway, to get into the mood of orange and leaves falling here are some neat centerpieces to make your home festive!


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