Tuesday, May 23, 2017


So just to spread the love, i am absolutely in love with the Gymshark sportswear collection, it is to die for! As i am a die hard weight training girly girl i love to look and feel good in the gym. Their collection has made this possible, the leggings are so comfortable i want to live in them. On non training days i wear them around the house because they are amazing. So the leggings i am talking about are the flex leggings and the high waisted seamless collection. They are always sold out very quickly so you need to be super fast when you want to order yourself a pair. I follow Gymshark athletes on Instagram such as Gracefituk, Whitneyysimmons, Busybee.carys, Belafernandez to keep up to date one when they release and also just for some extra motivation.

Get inspired on www.gymshark.com and note they will be releasing a bunch of new leggings, sports bra's and tops this Thursday at 3 BST!

Check them out!

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