Monday, November 7, 2016

The perfect monday


The perfect way to spend your Mondays are in a hammock. Daydreaming and actively creating an empire in your mind. For hard working people this can be the best escape you can ask for, just rocking back and forth enjoying the space you are in. I used to have a hammock when i was small, it was in my bedroom. I had hooks on each side of my room, so i could hang it up whenever i felt like it. Thinking back to it, this was the most amazing place to be. I must say that a hammock is one of the few attributes that people of all ages really enjoy. 

So for all my Dutchies, i have found an amazing company that offers beautiful hammocks and hanging chairs for inside and outside, check Tropilex Hangmatten out here. They also ship to other countries, which are all stated on their website. And guess what, i get to give away one of these awesome hammocks..Jeej!

Do you want to win such an awesome hammock?

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  1. Amazing! love all of your blogs and off course De hangmat! You Awesome and keep up the good work!!

  2. Ultimate holiday vibe: flip flops and no internetconnection �� Roos

  3. Ik doe graag mee. Holiday vibe: zon, hoge temperatuur, zonnebril, korte broek en slippers. En die hangmat kan ook nog wel iets toevoegen. ;o)

    1. Hi Anita, jij bent de gelukkige winnaar van deze te gekke hangmat. WIl je mij een mail sturen met je adresgegevens naar

    2. Hey, top!! Bericht komt er aan. Dank je wel.

  4. My ultimate holiday vibe: When on holiday and you realise you have yet another day in paradise and it isn't over yet.. Then the last day comes and well, that is a bummer ofcourse. ;)

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  6. What gives me the ultimate holiday vibe is: gently rocking in a hammock under the sun, with good music, good food, sipping on an ice cold cocktail and reading magazines <3


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