Friday, August 18, 2017


Sometimes life can be your best friend and sometimes it can be your worst enemy. The key to surviving each day and to make the most of it, is the power of positive energy. Even though i am quite a positive person overall, life kicks me in the back sometimes and even my glass tends to overflow at times. Today was that day, when all hell broke loose and nothing good was good anymore. Once i got back to my senses i had time to reminisce over my thoughts and emotions. Apparently the key to happy life is, is to try and make every negative situation or bump in the road a positive one. Try to see the positive side of the situation, even in the hardest times. In almost every day to day annoying situation you can tell yourself, hey i am healthy, happy and alive. That is almost the best positive way of thinking if you have had a rough day. During my trip to Ibiza my new phone got stolen, i had just signed a new contract for two years, which was twice as expensive as what i have now, but hey anything for this amazing rose gold new phone right?. One night my brand new phone got taken from my friends bag, everything was still in the purse (her phone, our money etc) only my phone was taken. Of course i balled my eyes out the first night screaming WHYYYY and ALWAYS MEE, (i tend to get more then average of bad luck) but the next day i started to think what did i learn from this situation? first of all i felt robbed and violated, but after that started to settle down i could see the upside. I was fine, my friends where fine, we had no accident, we were healthy, not injured and got home safe. I am not a materialistic person and sometimes i need to remind myself of that. Then what did i learn? I would never let another person handle my things, because then the responsibility would be all mine. At the end of the day we are all human, life does suck sometimes and it will throw tons of rotten eggs and toiletpaper your way, but if you get back on that horse and beat the negative with some positive, the only person who will be laughing at the end of the day is you! Because that is character my dear and nobody can take that away from you but yourself.


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