Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Planning planning planning


Oh dear god, what have i gotten myself halloween party is on Saturday and i am at home with the (very serious and bad) sniffles since Sunday. Yep, the flu season has arrived in the Netherlands and it has knocked on my door for the past week. Perhaps all of the stress surrounding school, party planning, my four dog children, gym life and lets just say living in general|? could have payed a small contribution to my amazing cold. A lot of people around me have been getting sick, so it was only a matter of time until it would have hit me. Not making party planning any easier! i am kind of  a list maker, but for most the kind of list maker that makes her lists in her head and the words sort of bounce around in my head each night before bed time. Isn't it great just lying in your bed staring into a pitch black room thinking about red cups and how much wine to buy? i mean i am an organizer and a planner, it is basically my second nature, so i have decided to make lists. And may i please help you by doing the same, because actually seeing it in your notes, or written down somewhere already relieves the brain of 60% stress.

Apparently Pinterest is the place to be when it comes to planning party's, like there are actual people who make all kinds of lists for all sorts of purposes, It is amazing. It is like going shopping in a candy store for control don't know which list to pick, because they are all so shiny and great. So next to the great lists i want to share with you, which i have found i also wanted to give you some Halloween decoration get in the mood you know. I have already gotten tons of DIY tips from Pinterest for Halloween, and they are actually not even that hard.

TIP: Add Vodka Cranberry (looks like blood)

This was a real hit! make a small sign which has an id number and the party on it and you will have great memories.

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