Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hangover free bubblies

So since the holiday festivities are around the corner, and how i might add 'YEEY', what better news is there then a so called hangover free prosecco? The Lidl will be offering such a gift to her customers. It is the Organic Prosecco Spumante and it is available from today on....the prosecco will be around 9 euro's, which can't we all say we will gladly spend for a hangover free night of fun and party? or even a great new years day, without wanting to kill the sun. The prosecco will unfortunately only be available in the UK (boohoo), since i live in the Netherland, of course we never have the luxury of skinny or hangover free drinks. When will the dutch market ever become so creative? or do we just all have to move to the US or UK to get fit right in. The drink will not be sold in the Netherlands, so my UK readers can head over to the Lidl and post me some please (haha)..but you never know, what if we write Lidl a letter and beg for some of this fairy potion in our country?

The secret ingredient is supposedly sulphite free, so i am looking to see if i can find a sulphite free prosecco and test if this really is the case!

I must say any kind of bubbly is my favorite drink and might i add, less calorie dense then white or rd wine. With around 80-90 calories a drink, this is my go to when i party. The best? is Gin Tonic(light)! if you want to go all fitspo on alcohols ass...


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