Thursday, February 2, 2017


So if you follow me on Instagram, you know that i have been traveling quite a bit! My Paris post is still coming but for now i want to share my trip to Denmark and Sweden. I went to visit my best girlfriend in Sweden because she is studying there for a year. I went together with my other bestie for a real girls weekend. It was so much fun that it went by so fast, but also gave me the feeling like i did a lot of things. The most funny part is that we visited two countries in one day. We flew to Copenhagen and browsed around the city (which is absolutely beautiful! I will certainly go back to discover more.) and then later took the train to Malmo, Sweden. I even needed to show my passport boarding the train, because you are basically going over a boarder. Malmo was also such a cute little town, not much to do besides drinking coffee and looking at shops though haha. O and how the sweeds love their coffee! haha coffee houses are everywhere. Being a blogger and all is the place to be apparently. Although i don't drink coffee i tend to splurge on Chai Latte all day long, it's like christmas in a cup. So basically we ate a lot, drank a lot of Chai's, went dancing, visited a real Swedish bathhouse (spa, but not really haha) it basically existed out of two all female sauna's thats it. To cool off you could take a dip in the sea, which was probably twenty degrees below zero. So us being three real city girls expecting a day full of pampering after a heavy night out in the town, we came to find ourselves in the most simple cottage ever, with about twenty women sitting in a row staring outside of the window facing the sea. It was...interesting...getting used to?...never again? haha it was something to see (and then never do again), seeing as how i am very spoiled with the spa's in my hometown it was fun for the experience, but wont help you if you need serious help. The night before we went to L'Etage, where they should have had R&B/HipHop night, but it was more like a 60's disco vibe perhaps even a little bit studio 54ish. Anyway the club is called L'Etage because it exists of several floors, so we thought each floor would have a club with different music. I must say our drunk bubble broke when all we found where stairs, stairs, stairs, more wall, oh a dance floor, stairs, stairs, more stairs and walls and finally oeh a dance floor! So basically the club had two dance floors and many stairs. My Fitbit counted my steps that day and i hit 52.000, i don't think any normal human being would hit that many steps like EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! 

The next night we hit club Babel, which was fun. It had a sort of underground touch to it, the heart and soul of HipHop/R&B, basically where hiphop was born? The people that came here where there for the music, you could see it down to their bones that they lived for this music and they all came out together each Saturday to hit the dance floor with some popping and locking. All and all It was a really fun trip with many memories. I think it's a very beautiful country with many nice people and it is definitely worth a visit! This trip with my girls made me realize, it doesn't matter how long you don't see each other, life takes over, you move countries or you have a relationship. My girls are the real soulmates and all of the men and other things that come and go in my life are the distractions that make life fun!

- Love Jana -

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