Monday, November 14, 2016


So since the end of the year is getting closer, i can't help to think about all of the things i have accomplished throughout 2016 and what i appreciate. I am so proud of myself for everything i have achieved since the beginning of this year. I managed to get out of a very heavy and mentally abusive relationship, because it was time for once to choose me. This was the best choice i had ever made, since that moment on, it has been a mentally challenging road with the final destination: Happiness. I am so empowered right now and i enjoy my own strength. I really would wish anybody in difficult situations to rely on their own strength, because trust me you are stronger then you think. It was amazing to have the feeling i could only rely on myself, it got me through all of the hard times including my personal difficulties i had to accomplish. I know many women and even men experience all kinds of struggles on a daily base, but at the end life does really go on and it sounds cliche but time does really heal anything. If you are ready, you will know.

Previous to my journey i had gained a lot of weight due to me being unhappy in my last relationship. I am an emotional eater, so i tend to neglect myself when feeling unhappy. Meanwhile i have always been a true fitness chick, working out 5/6 times a week and always maintaining a healthy lifestyle because i know thats what my body and mind require. I want to motivate others, because seeing proof of other people achieving ultimate happiness makes me believe that you will want it as well. Seeing other achieve what i wanted is what motivated me the most. I thought to myself, one day that will be me. And i am not there yet, but i have come a very long way. I have been busy leading a healthy lifestyle since my break up in January. But it has been a rocky road filled with disappointing glares at the scale and mentally frustrating moments. Trust me, hang in there because it does pay off in the end. I worked my but off before summer, but it wasn't even close to what i was expecting from my hard work. So in summer i gained a lot of weight again, until i got back home and enough was enough. I have lost 12 kilo's since august in a healthy way and still enjoying good food and working out. I now listen better to what my body wants and needs. We seem to be in a good place at the moment, hoping to achieve even greater things because i have never been happier. Everybody has an own journey and i hope i can help you get to your destination.



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