Wednesday, November 22, 2017


I had been contemplating getting highlights again, because my own highlight where almost completely gone. I had a certain natural sun kissed coupe for 2 years, but lately it had been taken over by my natural hair colour dark brown. Somehow my hair is getting darker, the older im getting haha at least i still have color, although i must share with you that i found two grey hair since summer (OMG, what is happening?) Soooooo to get back on track, i chose to get some balayage and it was magnificent. My hair has never looked this magical, my jaw dropped. You know the awkward feeling you always have when you sort of look like a boy in the hairdresser chair with a cape around your neck, having your head popping out looking horrible because your hair is pulled back and wet. I have that each is always very exciting when they are blowdrying your hair and you are just waiting for the results. So it is safe to say that my expectations where blown out of the water, i always hope and hope the results will be amazing but that is not always the case. But this time i was surprised in a good way. So if you are thinking about getting yourself some highlights or balayage then you should, because it really brightens your whole appeal. It gives you the glow you want to have especially during winter times feeling all gloomy and cold. Hope you will take the same leap i did, because i am so happy with my results! I got my hair done at Flawser Embassy in Amsterdam, but i am sorry to say that they have recently gone bankrupt. The hairdresser that did my hair is still working as a hairdresser and she has found herself a loyal client, because i will follow her anywhere! Because my beauty mantra is - hair is holy

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  1. It looks beautiful! I also have something like this, but I hate it when everything looks great, except for the roots :| I really don't want to dye it all of the time, but I also don't want any grey hairs, so I'm thinking of growing it out now.

    1. I totally understand! It can be a lot of work going back every time and also bad for the hair, i use special products because i have allergies. :)

  2. Beautiful hair! Very natural highlights too!


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