Thursday, November 2, 2017


I am an interior designer by heart, walking into a shop where they sell any kind of decorations, furniture and home items makes my heart beat faster. I am a real gemini and i love change, so every couple of months (usually during seasonal changes) i like to mix up my interior a little bit. I have come to fine a really nice place where they sell amazing posters, people that are into decorating their place have probably already heard about it but it really caught my eye. The website is called Desenio and they sell many different kinds of posters, because they offer such a great variety of posters this place is for everybody! Some are glam, chique, cute, beautiful etc. i have already picked my favorites and want to order them as soon as possible. Looking for a great place to spice up your home a little bit? a poster can really make a big change, find a nice frame and vuala....they offer all kinds of sizes with different prices, let me know your favorite!


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