Sunday, November 19, 2017


NEW YORK....sigh

Hasn't there been one point in all of our lives that we have fallen madly in love with this city or what? I know i have and our love affair has been going on for 10 years now. The first time i went to New York i was 17 years old, seems like yesterday almost. I remember the feeling i had when i got on that plane, i couldn't wait to finally see this magical city for real. I have been to New York in my earlier days as an infant, but i can't remember it anymore. So it was like visiting for the first time, i went with my mom and dad and i remember being so amazed by all of the city lights when we landed. The first thing i did was run to the store and got Captain Crunch, somehow this cereal is the key to feeling like a real american. I had seen it in so many movies and tv shows, this was the ultimate experience (ha ha). Since my 17th, i have gone back almost every year except the last two years. I can feel it in my bones, they are tingeling of excitement to re-unite with my magical city, it has been far to long. I am visiting family first, going over for our Armstrong annual christmas party JEEJ. That is the key to feeling like a real American, getting to go to the holiday parties, seeing decorations everywhere, iceskating, holiday shoppings, snow, decorated houses i could go on for ages it is a BLAST. So to get in the mood, since i am leaving next week i have a little inspo for you and yours truly.


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