Friday, November 10, 2017


It is time to begin your Thanksgiving dinner planning

Follow our Thanksgiving Dinner Planning time table to help you get organized and prepared for a stress-free Thanksgiving dinner. It is that time of year again to start planning your thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving is not a well known holiday where i am from, Amsterdam (The Netherlands), but since i am an American and i have been raised with all of the American traditions. For years and years (about 22 years) my dad has been the cook during Thanksgiving, making amazing dinners and keeping the tradition he grew up with alive. Telling stories about how all of the women would spend all day in the kitchen preparing this amazing meal. But since several years the tradition has fallen into my kitchen..maybe a i grabbed it haha, since i am a planner and i love to throw parties and really any kind of reason to get my loved ones together for some good food and drinks. The main theme during Thanksgiving is to give thanks, it is the time to gather with your friends and family, perhaps turn on some football (for all my americans amongst me) and enjoy your Thanksgiving meal. 
If you are planning on hosting the Thanksgiving dinner, like i am, it would be a good idea to start planning ahead to avoid stressful situations. I know a day like that, especially when hosting alone, can be some what stressful. I spend all day cooking and preparing for this special evening and i just love the results and seeing my loved ones enjoy all of the great food. Each family has their own Thanksgiving traditions, families have traditional dishes they prepare and know what to expect. The best advice to reduce stress during Thanksgiving is make lists! omg where would i be without lists ha ha..especially all of the groceries you need to get. I try to do all of my shoppings a day/or 2 before so i have all of the necessities i need and i can just concentrate on cooking. One year i made dessert the day before and another year i made it the same day...BIG MISTAKE, my oven is normal sized. Try fitting pie and turkey in there. And you need to bake the pie first, since you don't want the turkey smell in your pie. Things to think about.

Two weeks before Thanksgiving

Try to prepare lists of the dinner guests, children, food allergies, alcohol preferences. Write out the menu and the shopping list, look for recipes. I always use, it is an amazing site that will help you prepare your dinner, especially for first timers. They offer complete menu's and different ways of cooking/preparing your turkey. It all depends how large your dinner will be and the number of guests. My turkey only needs to bake for about 3 hours, but some turkeys take up to 5/6 hours so don't be mistaken in your prep. If you are hosting a large dinner for 7+ people, you will need to start a week before with your prep. Check out this article on for step by step planning.

For more inspiration check out Pinterest there are tons of amazing recipes there!


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