Friday, December 30, 2016


On January 1st, turn all your hangers backwards like this. It takes only a minute. now when you wear anything put the hanger back into your closet normal. In June, anything still backwards, you will know you don't wear it. Unless you have a good reason to save it, donate it to Goodwill.

So i read this text the other day and it completely inspired me. What an amazing idea right? I always have things in my closet i don't wear anymore and it just sits there being completely neglected or even forgotten! I always have a rule for myself as well, which is if i haven't worn it for a year, it goes. This way i somehow try to keep the order in my chaotic life...oeps i mean closet haha! But then again doesn't our closet represent our mind? Besides this way you will even be donating to a good cause, which in my eyes makes this a win win situation starting and ending your year with good Karma. You never know, perhaps other people will be super happy with one of the 10 sweaters that look exactly the same neatly stacked away hiding in the back of your closet. How about on New Years day we all try this one together? i think you might even be shocked in June to see how many hangers are still facing the front. Comment below if you have any fun ideas for New You resolutions!

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