Tuesday, December 6, 2016

ℐ''taime Paris ♥

In January i am making a little trip to Paris. My brother and friends live in this beautiful city of perfection. Sometimes when you are experiencing some soul searching visiting other places can help find what you are looking for. A different environment, vibe, culture and experience can serve as the right buffer to find yourself. Humans are very complex creatures, but with amazing capabilities once that creativity is unlocked i believe that many beautiful things can happen. As i love to say if it feels like everything is falling a part, it's not the end, it's merely the beginning to something new. So for that said and me longing for this wonderlust this post is dedicated to the streets of Paris. Until we meet soon my dear.

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  1. Have fun! I'm going to Paris in April. It'll be my fourth time there. It's true, travel does invigorate the mind. :]

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