Thursday, December 29, 2016


So it's been a week since i have posted a blogpost, it has been such a busy time having all of the family over for Christmas and the worst thing ever happend i got sick on Christmas night going on second Christmas day, so i am still recuperating from this flu. Very typical for me to get sick during such festive days, looking forward to it for months. I had a lot riding on it though, build up stress and hectic times it was bound to happen. Christmas eve we had the whole family over and i was cooking for 12 people, it was both tiring but wonderful. We don't get to spend the holidays with the whole family often, and thats only my dutch and french family! I miss my family in the states a lot and i send them my love each year through skype if i am not visiting them. Christmas eve was great though we opened gifts and had a lot of laughs. On Christmas day we had a great breakfast with the whole gang again and in the afternoon my sister and the kids left. Christmas dinner was a great evening as well with my brother and nephew, they live in Paris so i don't get to see them a lot and we always have a great time when they are in town. 

Christmas night i got so sick, i thought it was food poisoning but it stayed for a couple of days so i am guessing i got a really bad flu. Apparently it is circling right now and now my sinuses are infected haha joy! Just hoping to feel better for new years. Today was my first real productive day, i started going back to the gym yesterday and today (being sick made me loose 2 kilo's jeej haha). Going to the gym really makes me feel a lot better about myself, i can feel my body getting stronger and that is the best feeling in the world! Especially these days when eating a lot around the holidays i can recommend you to step up and just go to the gym anyway, it will help keep your motivation and somehow keep your normal routine. I don't know what it is but these days between Christmas and New Years always got me like...what day is it?.. I don't think i am the only one haha, because these are not official holidays but your still in the holiday mood and seeing as how New Years is also lurking around the corner. Have you thought about your New Years resolutions yet? I must say i am a strong believer of keeping your resolutions each day and not just making them because it's a New Year, but i do get the whole feeling of it being a fresh start. And boy can we use a fresh start, because i might add 2016 KICKED MY ASS. So for that being said LET'S KICK 2017'S ASS!!!

New Year resolutions will be posted up soon! thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading about my life, hoping to inspire others in achieving there goals because at the end of the day we need to stick together.

Love Jana

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