Sunday, November 20, 2016

Golden deluxe

So as the Fashion show for Marktplaats is getting closer i must say i am getting very excited. I made an attempt today to see which treasures are hidden in my closet, but to be perfectly honest this is going to be a bigger challenge than i thought. Have you ever attempted to find a very beautiful outfit that you don't want anymore? I can tell you, those two sentences don't really fit if you stare at it long enough. So tomorrow will be my second attempt, hopefully i will find something that will rock that catwalk and all of you will want to have! Seeing as how i crave fashion for life, you must think my closet is filled with amazing outfits, well i can tell you (yes this is correct haha) but do i want to abandon them? Yes i know this sounds silly, but i always used to think my clothes had feelings and i don't  think i am the only one. Like why does this one get to go and the other one gets to stay? who am i to make that difficult decision? i can and must say in terms of online communication i am in a hashtag pickle, hashtag the struggle is real. So lets see what tomorrow brings, shall we! how does your perfect golden holiday outfit look like?

Golden Deluxe Seasonal Inspiration

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