Wednesday, November 2, 2016


As a fitty i must say Yoga is the ultimate therapy for both body and mind. I do a lot of weight training, which means my muscles need to be stretched. When doing a lot of weight training your muscles tend to get shorter. You can feel more stiff and experience pains due to tension. Yoga is the best remedie for these problems. I try to stretch after each training. I have challenged myself to have a session each day for 7 days and i must say, being on day 3 i feel absolutely amazing. I like to follow  the sessions of Gaiam Yoga, they offer youtube tutorials and dvd's which you can purchase online. If you prefer to take a class then you should check your local gym, they usually offer yoga classes. If you like hot environments to get really deep into your poses then you should try hot yoga (not my cup of tea). I like to do my sessions in the morning when i wake up, or when i go to bed to relax. If you have sleeping problems, meditating after your session will make you snooze in no time. Even a short session of 20 min can already give you great benefits. But the most important factor is, IT KEEPS YOU YOUNG!

Body Benefits

Increased core strength
Lowers blood pressure
Weight management
Improved digestion
Improved circulation
Body detoxification
Pain and tension relief
Increased flexibility
Improved posture
Increased immunity

Mind benefits

Improved intuition
Increased self acceptance
Improved concentration
Neutralizes stress
Improved memory
Increases mental awareness
Focus on the present
Increased confidence
Unlocked energy flow
Balanced brain hemispheres

Here is a little bed time routine for your inspiration


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