Monday, November 28, 2016

Wine 'O Clock

I'm sorry i have been a little bit distracted this weekend and i haven't posted like normal but this is because i had my grand Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. As promised a Vlog is coming up to show you how amazing the dinner was. As a true American i just love love love Turkey day, it is the best family day ever. Cooking all day for friends and family just to see everybody in awe and enjoying the beautiful food you have prepared for them. It was a great Turkey day again. Of course the whole Christmas vibe gives this day an extra sparkle, because we all love a little holiday spirit. So in the spirit of the holidays I have decided to stop drinking until Christmas. From Turkey day until Christmas means i will be saying goodbye to my dear friend (wine) for about 30 days. I intend to feel reborn after these 30 days of winox, because we have a hate/love relationship. The night before i just can't get enough of this lively soul sister, but the day after it turns into satan. So for the better side of me (healthy life chick girlpower etc.) I wanted to give it a rest. I am very curious to the effects this winox month will have on me. I will keep a diary of my mixed feelings and at the end i will share with you how i feel. Just so i can enjoy the Christmas days and New Years even more! How about you? joining the winoxmonth? share your feelings with me, support is the first key ingredient to a successful plan my dear friends.


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