Wednesday, November 2, 2016

city of lights

New York, the city of dreams, as they say. A city true to my heart and roots. I try to visit my long lost love once a year, hoping to make that promise true this year once again. I have already visited New York 6 times since i was 17, so you could imagine I enjoy myself a lot when i am there.. I had always dreamed of going to the states for such a long time, i had only seen it through the eyes of a cinema screen or through awesome series such as Gossip Girl. You could imagine after watching Gossip girl for so long (growing up with it since it aired when i was 15), my longing for this big apple was even greater than ever. I remember my first trip, i was 17 and i had gotten a trip to NY from my grandparents. As i was stepping onto the plane i could not believe how big this aircraft was (much bigger than i was used to). The plane had 3 rows of 4 chairs seated next to each other, each chair had an own tv screen! imagine my thrill, seeing as how i had only been to places in Europe in tiny sardine sized airplanes. I was so excited that i had my own seat with my own screen. I watched CSI, movies and much more. As the time flew by (the whole 8 hours) i became more and more excited, OMG OMG I CAN SEE LIGHTS, THERE ARE BUILDINGS. Basically a little kid in the biggest toystore of the world. I couldn't believe that my dream of setting foot in the real real New York city was in moments reach. This is how New York stole my heart, if you are thinking of going...DO IT! It is the most amazing city in the world and do expect to read a lot more about  this amazing 'big apple' when reading my blog.

Some of my favorites

Meat packing district
The high line
Gossipgirl tour
Sex and the city tour
Central Park
The Plaza
The Nike Store on 5th Avenue
5th Avenue
Times Square
The Warwick Hotel
The Waldorf Hotel
Broadway -> Wicked and Chicago
Buddakan, this is a restaurant, as seen in Sex and the City
The Village
Brooklyn Bridge
Central Park Bike Tours
Exhale Spa (near Central Park good for yoga)
Bronx zoo (but also kind of sad)
Pier 65

And not to forget all of the amazing little vintage stores and strolling around the city walking 100 blocks a day. I have always stayed near Central Park, but my next stay will definitely be in The Meat Packing District.

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