Thursday, November 3, 2016

love your pet

As a loyal reader you know that i am a mommy of 4 dogs. I love my dogs, although they can be a pain in my apple sometimes i will never stop caring and loving them. It is basically like having 4 children, always in need of attention. They are the cutest pups though and they mean well, most of the time. So if you are a dog mommy or daddy yourself, you know that it is very important to take good care for their skin, hair, nose, ears etc. I have found an amazing company that offers all natural products for your pup. Dogs get dried snouts and cracked paws due to season changes, so sometimes they need the extra care and attention. This company is all organic and uses all natural ingredients. They ship worldwide and also offer a great range of products. It's a fun website to visit just to check out, so you should definitely have a little peek. 


What worth is a health product riddled with pesticides, and chemically-enhanced fertilizers?  When it comes to the ones you love, organic is the natural choice.


This term has become such a routine phrase that it has almost lost it’s meaning. Well, we mean it when we say we use nothing but 100% purely natural ingredients.


We love all of earth’s creatures and chose botanical ingredients in all our remedies. We take great care when choosing our ingredients, but the effort is worth it.

Cruelty Free

None of our products are tested on laboratory animals. We conduct thorough research on all ingredients to know they are safe from the beginning.
Check them out here.

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