Sunday, November 20, 2016


Don't you just love accessorizing your phone? i know that i do. I'ts not only a good protection for your phone, but doesn't everything need to be personalized? I am terrible when it comes to phones, i drown (by accident) my phones, forget them in bathroom stalls, drop them on the floor, because i am doing way to much at the same time. So it has come pretty clear to me that i must always have my phone in a case, for it's own protection and for my personal style. This time i have received a very cool iPhone case for my iPhone 6 plus. If anyone of you has an iPhone plus they understand the struggle. It is not the most convenient phone, although i love that everything is so big and you can read your screen without having to squint your eyes. This case is the most adorable case i have had for my iPhone plus yet. It's a pink rubber m&m case, which i find funny but classy. And who doesn't love pink and m&m's? I love big statement pieces so anyone can see me coming from miles away with this thing. Some people i ran into on on the street already complimented me on my case, making me even happier with my choice. The company i always get my phone cases from is, because they have a wide range of different phone cases such as iPhone 6s Plus cases, iPhone 7 cases, Samsung Galaxy S7 cases etc. Do you also want such an awesome case? I get to give away 20 euro store credit for a special Win.


20 Euro spending money for their online store

What do you have to do to win this store credit? 

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