Saturday, October 29, 2016

american girl

So the night has finally come of my halloween party and i can't wait to start decorating my house and prepping for the party. I mean i know how it may sound like, a party you might think it is going to be huge. No it's a small party for me and my friends, but we all dress up and whatch halloween movies. I am a true American girl in that sense, i cherish all of our holidays like no other. Even though my country doesn't really share these same traditions i make sure that they do in my house. Plus i love the holidays, because it gives me another reason to host a party. I am the party hoster in my circle of friends, always the one organizing Halloween, Christmas dinners, Thanksgiving, New year parties and why?, because i love to. I find that parties in the spirit of celebrating tradition brings people together again. I just love to set up decorations, make food and prepare fun party favors. So tonight i will be preparing Hallowpong (beerpong), Jello shots and syringe bloody shots, I AM SO EXCITED. Also, i received my halloween costume a couple of days ago and i can tell you it is amazing. It took me a few weeks to narrow down what i wanted to be this Halloween, but i have finally found the right fit. It is a burlesque outfit, but im mixing it with bunny ears to become a playboy bunny and my boyfriend will be Hugh Hefner. Another fun part of holidays is dressing up with your partner, there are a couple of days a year that will let you be a child again. Cherish these days, because it means you can act silly and enjoy yourself, without judgement. So i hope you will all have a great Halloween, i am curious to hear what kind of outfits you all put together!

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