Sunday, October 16, 2016

Focus on what makes you happy

So today I came across Happiness, at least a way to plan happiness. It is a Happiness planner, in hope of finding/managing my happiness i placed the order for my own journal of luck. The planners are supposed to help you concentrate on all of the good things coming your way.

As they explain:

What will I achieve from using The Happiness Planner?

The Happiness Planner incorporates the practices of positive thinking, positive affirmations, mindfulness, gratitude, and self-development into the daily and weekly/monthly pages.
By using the Happiness Planner;
  • You will get to understand yourself better and become more self-aware by answering our questions and practicing self-reflection.
  • You will learn to look at the positive side of things and adopt a positive outlook on life. You will become more resilient and can bounce back or move on from disappointments in life more quickly.
  • You will focus on making each day a good day instead of worrying far too much about the future or thinking too much about the irreversible past. Eventually you will become more mindful and live in the present.
  • You will wake up everyday thinking about things that excite and inspire you.
  • You will end each day feeling grateful by thinking about the good things that happened.
  • You will feel happier and more fulfilled from within by striving to improve your inner qualities and your emotional intelligence. 
Source: thehappinessplanner

Because what does Happiness really mean? Im guessing it means being satisfied and grateful with the life you live and everything surrounding you. I always try to find the best tools to support that lifestyle, because being a women i am always craving things to motivate my actions. Seeying as how i can track my happiness with this new planner i can't wait to try it out. I will keep you posted and if you are interested to get one of your own and start living a happy life, you can order it here.

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