Monday, October 17, 2016

Your Tea

 Looking for a good detox tea? I just re-orderd my usual tea from Your Tea. Its the tiny tea detox 28 days (also available for 14 days). It's the best detox tea because it only consists of natural ingredients. I once had a tea which had laxative powder in it (which you don't know or see) but it's very unhealthy. There are several brands going around on social media like instagram promoting various detox tea's, so be carefull! Because they are not all as good for you as they claim to be. So to be sure, just stick to what you know, that is what i do. So i can 100% guarantee that this tea is the best and it works. Tiny Tea gives you an energetic feeling, makes you less bloated and it helps skin problems. It also supposingly helps you loose weight. I believe that with a balanced diet and enough exercise this product can contribute to that. They a wide range of different tea's, there is a lot to choose from. They sell mugs, cups and a lot more.

 They even have a hangover tea, which sounds amazing. I ordered my items last week and they came in the mail today, so also super fast delivery which is such a treat after dealing with horrible delivery  times from other companies. So browse and detox!


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