Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Moikit Seed, smart hydration for everyone

Are you a person who forgets to drink enough water through the day? Then this is the most genius product you will ever find. The seed smart bottle. It is a smart bottle that tells you when you need to drink, when you have had to little to drink, when your water isn't the right temperature and contributes to a healthy and fit lifestyle. The seed smart bottle is not cheap, but it is affordable if your willing to invest in your health. Bottles range between 49 dollars and 4500 dollars, depending what your aim is. The bottle connects to a various range of health apps and apple health to help you keep track.

Seed bottle describes their product as:
" The seed smart water bottle, to track your water consumption, compile your health data and keep you hydrated."


Seed tracks your water consumption and reminds you when you need to drink more water. Over time, these reminders will help you build healthy hydration habits.


Seed records your water consumption to construct a complete health profile with other health data like exercise, sleep, and body weight.


Seed warns you of dangerously high water temperatures and when the water becomes stale. Our smart bottle will make the experience of drinking water more enjoyable.


We've built Seed's interface to ensure a simple and enjoyable user experience.

Read more here and find out more about the seed smart bottle.


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