Thursday, October 20, 2016

Suit up and fly away

Looking outside of my window right now is really motivating me to plan a trip. So in the light of traveling a very special product has come to my attention. What is the most important thing to have when traveling? A suitcase...duh, and if you are a girly girl like me, even the suitcase has to be cute. Now not everybody can afford themselves a Louisvuitton carry on or an exclusive travel trunk, because hey not everybody is a millionair. This does not mean you can not travel in style. 

SuitSuit is a small dutch company that started setting up in 2008, by 2011 they where designing all kinds of funky designs for suitcases. Today SUITSUIT is a must have for the female least that is what they would like to achieve.

Here are some of my favorites, you can look at their full collection here.


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