Monday, October 24, 2016

Hide and seek

Always looking for a way to store things? I know i have a lot of clothes and shoes and little space to store them. I find that closets make your room look smaller, because they are big and take up a lot of space. A little while ago i came across a beautiful and practical idea to store special items, which i only wear occasionally. It looks amazing in your interior and you don't see any clutter. I like a neat and spacious environment, because it gives my soul space at the same time. And closets tend to give you the opportunity to hoard things, while this object is subtle. It offers you another way to store items, but becomes a part of your interior at the same time. So you won't even want to hoard things in a beautiful case like this. My preference goes out to the suitcase. But not just any suitcase, the vintage, old and large kind of trunk. It can serve as a seat, a coffee table or even a hocker at the end of your bed. I have found some amazing trunks, while looking for one to place in my home. I have collected some amazing pictures for you, so you can get inspired and start decorating yourself.


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