Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Organize your life

Packing used to always be the most impossible task for me. I would always be scared to bring to little or over do it, especially on short trips. I travel quite often and i have gotten the hang of it over the year. I have come up with a better system to help myself stay organized. I always used to struggle with my handbag, it would be filled with so many small things and i could never find anything in it. Especially when looking for my boarding ticket or passport. I always used to pack my bags last minute, i have come to learn that this is not the best strategie. Because i would always be stressed out and running around my house like a crazy person, having the fear of forgetting important items. One time i wen't on a holiday to a warm country. My bag was filled with tops, but i had completely forgotten to bring any kind of shorts. This obviously became a fun shopping spree, but not the most ideal situation. I love to travel, it still amazes me how you can be in one place and then travel to the other side of the world and wake up in a whole different country hours later. It's like stepping into a special machine that changes your whole environment, walking into the airplane in one country and out again in another. Oh how special is this world we live in, how many differences there are in the world and how we can learn from each other. Anyway i am wondering off topic a bit now, back to organizing. I have found a smart and fashionable way to organize all of the little things which often get lost in your suitcase or handbag. You can organize your make-up, papers and magazines, money, cards, wallet, passport etc. They have a pouch for each occasion and item.

Their delightful on-the-go solution helps you stash everyday essentials. They have transparent items so it's easy to store your toiletry items for flying. Elevate your everyday tote with their must-have pouches. They all have the perfect size for each occasion. I will be traveling soon, so i will be keeping you posted on my plans for 2016/2017.

So far i have the following countries listed:


New York


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