Monday, October 17, 2016

ZALA Extensions

Are you looking for high quality extensions? I have been ordering my hair extensions from Zala Hair extensions for two years now. Each time i am amazed by the quality of their hair. I know many girls out there want to have long hair, but their own hair just does not grow as fast. Extensions are the best solution to this problem, this way you can enjoy any hairstyle you want. Even if it is only for a special occasion, they will make you feel extra beautiful. I always use clip-in extension, there is a new way of attaching your extensions to your hair called tape extensions. I prefer taking them out whenever i want. They offer a huge range of colors, including highlighted extensions and balayage. I am so happy with their range that i don't order anywhere else anymore.

I live in the Netherlands and their company is based in Australia. So keep in mind that you will need to pay customs. I ordered my new extensions two weeks ago with express shipping by DHL. It took 3 days, which was amazing. But i had to pay 50 euro's extra just for taxes. The first time i purchased the Ice queen platinum blonde extensions, 24 inch and 240 grams. I got 9 pieces of hair and they where very long. The most beautiful extension i had ever seen. They where so soft, although after styling them with a curler the hair was a little rougher. The 9 piece hair structure was a lot and very heavy. So this time around i got the 5 piece Balayage extensions, 20 inch and 220 grams. I am really satisfied with the quality of my new hair.

So if you are looking for a fun way to change your hairstyle for once, have a look at their range of extensions. They offer pony tales, braids, tape extensions, clip in extensions and much more.

Check them out here.

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