Sunday, October 16, 2016


Well thats a mouthful, and may i add delicious. Chocolatecoveredkatie is my favorite vegan blogger with amazing recipes. I recently bought her book, not only to support her amazing way of cooking but also because i want to know, learn and cook more. She offers tons of recipes on her blog and Instagram but i like having it in hardcopy. Last year i made the most amazing carrot cake and cheesecake. I always used to wonder how do you even think of making a vegan cheesecake, i mean it says cheese in the name DUH?. Well i was pleasantly surprised when i finished making my no bake cheesecake. The secret ingredient to making it as creamy as the real one, is soaked cashew nuts. If you are intrigued by this new way of cooking you will need to purchase a food processor, it will be your best friend, trust me. Thats basically the biggest secret of vegan cooking, the food processor. As you will be working a lot with different nuts and fruits you will need to blend them. So looking for a delicious vegan cook book for snacks, cakes and desserts then i recommend this one. I will be sharing my creations soon!


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