Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Cannibale Royale

So two nights ago I went to have dinner at Cannibale Royale Ruysdael. It's a cozy little place on the corner of the Ruysdaelkade in Amsterdam, right next door to Amsterdam's finest redlights. Which can be a little weird at first, but thinking about it this is a part of our little city so we embrace it. When entering the restaurant i noticed many cool artifacts on the wall, they really set an atmosphere for the place. The people where super friendly, and we got a nice little table in the second part of the restaurant. The waitress was very nice and made sure we had everything that we needed. The menu is so delicious i did not know what to pick, so i will most certainly be going back to try out the rest. We had the Nacho Cheddar plate to start, which was amazing and huge. It had Nachos, cheese, quac, beans, all the good stuff basically and it was so delicious. For the main course i had the Le Cannibale Royale, this was the most amazing burger i have ever tried in my life. It was a burger with pulled pork. If you love a good burger, this is a must for you. The ingredients of my dish where: Sauerkraut, English Cheddar, roasted pulled pork, fried onions, bourbon flavored barbeque sauce. So i can imagine by now you are licking your lips and perhaps drooling a little. I mean what a treat? great food and amazing service! and check out these hamburgers, they are like art. Overall just the best experience, these are the kinds of places that makes a city like Amsterdam fun to live in and the fun part is, you need to know about them! Everywhere on each corner there is a little secret place like Cannibale Royale, just waiting to blow your mind and tastebuds away.

So basically what i am saying: RESERVE & EAT AT Cannibale Royale

Want to know more? Visit their website for their full menu and adres.

Their Story

Cannibale Royale, brasserie extraordinaire fulfills all needs for anyone who loves good food, lots of meat, exotic beers and the most beautiful wines. Cannibale Royale is a bar where you can feel like a prehistoric being again. You are always welcome to drop by for a delicious cocktail or special beer to compliment our meaty treats.
Forget all hypes about haute cuisine for a minute, it’s time to enjoy everything that is tasteful, rich in flavour and is just simply good.
Un bisou de Cannibale Royale

 (Cannibale Royale Ruysdael)


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