Saturday, October 29, 2016

13 Things To Keep Your Halloween Party Classy

1. A dimly lit pathway.

Set the scene with these romantic guides.

2. Backup costumes.

There are always guests that forget you had to wear a costume, or didn't realize that it was a costume party. Or in case something goes wrong with your own costume.

3. Golden skulls…

Because they are AWESOMEE....

4. …and cork spiders.

This isn't just any Halloween party, paint your skulls gold and make spiders out of wine corks...FUN!

5. Haunted mirrors.

Give your party just the right kind of eeriness with a haunted mirror. Make your own by spraying the inside of a picture frame with glass finish spray paint. Print a spooky black-and-white picture to place behind it. Keep the layer of paint light in the middle so your image comes through.

6. Black magic (aka candles).

Because witches are the best thing about Halloween and you doesn't love a little bit of (black) magic?

7. Billowing smoke.

Place dry ice inside jack-o-lanterns and position them around the party to add to the atmosphere with rolling smoke across the room.

8. Printed menus.

If you are having a seated party then this is the easiest way to impress your guests. Take the time to plan out a menu and make up spooky names for each dish and drinks that are being served.

9. Unconventional plating.

Serving soup? Then this might be the coolest way to do so. Just scoop out the inside of a pumpkin and brush it with olive oil, sprinkle with salt, and bake for 30minutes at 375 degrees. Rotate the pan once during cooking.

10. Dark desserts.

Put an eerie spin on serving dessert. Add black gel food coloring to your caramel.

11. Baked good embellishments.

Haunt up your treats with some fun Halloween toppers.

12. Witches’ brew.

This is the most amazing scary drink, Start with a smoking cinnamon stick and place it in an empty glass before you pour your cocktail. Then carry out the drink in a glass case to hold in the smoke.

13. A photo booth.

Obviously you want to remember this awesome party, so what could you want more then a Photo Booth? It is the best and most fun way to motivate your guests to take crazy pictures.

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