Monday, October 24, 2016


So at the beginning of this year i went to Barcelona for my mothers birthday. It was amazing! for once we went all out and had the ultimate luxury experience. We had a car service pick us up at the airport, we stayed at the best hotel in Barcelona, W Barcelona. Seriously this hotel is beyond expectations. You know the struggle when trying to find a nice hotel and your sure you found the best one according to the pictures online, but then you get there and the room is like 5m2. This supposedly 4 star hotel which you have been carefully selecting for the past month turns out to be an utter disappointment. Well none of that this time, W hotel is the most amazing hotel i have ever stayed in and, i have stayed at many hotels. Luxury is taken to a whole other level, your curtains open with a remote, the bath tub is next to your bed (you can literarily climb into it when waking up), the spa is beyond imagination and so is their gym. Usually i hate hotel gyms, but this was like a real gym and most of the time almost private. So right then and there i decided i would never stay at another hotel ever again if it's not the W (since they are all around the world). I do not know if this promise to myself is realistic, but it was how i felt right then and there. So i just wanted to share with you some of the gems i found during my stay, we found a few amazing restaurants and we had fun at sightseeing. If you are interested in visiting a museum, i would go for the Picasso museum. It's not to big, so you won't get bored and it is situated in between the most amazing little streets i have ever seen. Their little streets look like the type of streets you would want to avoid when visiting any other city. But here in Barcelona, these are the hippest and most fun streets you will walk through. Dirty little allies filled with the most chique galleries and little boutiques, i was mind blown. So when visiting the Picasso museum, be sure to walk through this area.

The W

On the first night we ate at this little middle eastern tapas place, it was so cute and amazing it was called Zryab Tapas & Wine. You should reserve far ahead since they only have about 10 tables and the space seems to almost be for small people, but that gives it its charm. So when feeling in the mood for tapas, but with a different taste to it you should really try this place.

On my mothers birthday i reserved seating at the best indian restaurant i have ever been to. It is rated with 4/5 stars on trip advisor so i was expecting it to be expensive. It was so reasonably priced and we had a 30% discount from tripadvisor so our total bill was only 42 euro with wine, pre-course, main course and dessert. Amazing and the people were so lovely, if you love indian food then you should really try them out.

And the rest of our little mid-week break was amazing, we had fun, saw beautiful things and enjoyed the kindness of all the people. I can truly say that Barcelona is an amazing city and you should go if you have never been!


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