Tuesday, October 25, 2016

See food diet

If you are a seafood lover this is a real must for you! It might not be the new talk of the town, but it certainly is trending in my adressbook. A couple of weeks ago i had dinner at the seafood bar. I had already heard a lot about them and they have a restaurant just around the corner of my house. We had to reserve two days ahead, because apparantly they are always full, unless you don't mind eating late. We had a bottle of wine, oysters on the house and the deluxe mixed seafood grill platter, OH MY....best food i have ever tasted, atleast in a very long time. The people serving you are just the nicest and really help to create an overall experience, they even gave me a seafood bib, because clumsy me was spilling all the good stuff everywhere. 

Just sharing with you that if you have not been there yet, you must must must go. It is the real deal. More of a meat lover? no worries they have a sister: the meat club. Also with the same concept, and really great food. Oh and i think the most important part is: DON'T OVERDRESS. I came there and people were wearing sweatpants. I mean i love to dress up, so i don't care. But if you are to dressed up, it can be a bit awkward.

Hope you go and have some seafood, because they are without a doubt the best in town.


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